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Hear what the critics have to say...

"Singing the role of Gilda is soprano Christine Capsuto, whose rich, buttery voice spans the coloratura, lyric and spinto ranges. She expresses her character's naive youthful innocence and heartfelt fragility, but also captures Gilda's grit and determination."

- Mountain View Voice,

Mort Levine

“I soon fell under the spell of her passionate Italian-ness in their larger-than-life ways. Christine Capsuto has the great fortune to play Franca, Fabrizio’s fiery sister-in-law, and is easily one of the best supporting actresses in a musical since Anita in West Side Story. She sings and acts it to sizzling perfection...she has great chemistry, impeccable comedic timing, and would kill tigers for the others.”

- StageSceneLA,

Steven Stanley

"In one theatrical tour de force, in fact, the lap-sitting was literal. "Quando me'n vo'," Musetta's opening aria about how men find her sexually irresistible wherever she goes, was the vehicle for an extravagant entrance by soprano Christine Capsuto - spilling out of a slinky red dress, planting lipstick kisses on the bald pates of audience members, and reinforcing her seductive allure with vibrant singing and exuberant comic timing."

- SF Gate,

Joshua Kosman


"I've never (this is true) heard a more perfect soprano than this young Gilda, who is going to be a superstar. Her name is Christine Capsuto."

“There were two standouts of the afternoon’s performance who transcended the shallow staging. One was the fiery and charismatic presence of Christine Capsuto, whose Queen of the Night was a pleasure to see and hear...she has a well-equipped lyric voice - and the drama to boot - making it an excellent first try at this difficult role at such a young age.” 

"V Savoy McIIwan sings an electric performance of Marcello in West Edge Opera's current production of La Boheme. He is matched by two other knock out singers, in particular his love interest, Musetta, sung by Christine Capsuto. This Inter Racial couple [love this kind of casting!] truly steals the show. You have to hear this Musetta as well. She is FANTASTIC - better than any Musetta I've ever heard! The next MET Boheme should have her as their Musetta! SEE this performance! Last one August 10th! The production is also interactive in its staging in an alternative space that gives Bohemia a richly intimate and embracing experience."

“Christine M. Capsuto as Fabrizio’s sister-in-law, Franca, steals every scene she is in and blows the roof off the intimate Forum Theatre with her solo, ‘The Joy You Feel’.”


Jason Lovett

“...her too-brief appearance filled the theater with athletic leaps, exploding streamers and even a Kaepernick bicep kiss.”

"Where did this girl come from?! It seems such a shame to have not seen her on this stage before now!"

"Finally came Christine Capsuto’s sensational "Musetta." More than a bit reminiscent of Chita Rivera playing Anita in West Side Story, Capsuto presented not only the hottest, but also the most strongly sung Musetta in memory. If you think it an exaggeration to say that, had someone struck a match on her backside as she seared a path through the opening night audience, the place would have gone up in flames, you had best see for yourself. Not even an advance dousing of flame retardant will protect you from Musetta inviting Colline’s iPhone into the Grand Canyon."


- San Francisco Classical Voice,

Jason Victor Serinus

"As for gal-pal #2, I have never heard a Frasquita I didn’t like, and soprano Christine Capsuto certainly fits that bill, playing her as a proto-rocker chick with edgy humor. Her victory dance when the cards predict a rich, near-death husband is hilarious."

- Operaville,

michael J. vaughn

"Other notable performances include Opera San Jose's staple Kirk Dougherty, as the vulnerable but secretly explosive Don Jose, and Christine Capsuto as Frasquita, one of Carmen's sly partners in crime."

- MetroActive,

Tad Malone

"Christine Marie Capsuto is bursting with personality and sensuality as Roxie's cynical rival, Velma Kelly, who becomes amusingly desperate for fame as her case recedes from the headlines."


- The Mercury news,

Sam Hurwitt

"The story follows domestic killers Roxie Hart played by the sassy Deborah Leamy and Velma Kelly played by the terrific Christine Marie sells them hard starting right from the top with “All That Jazz.”...Everyone gets it and goes for it: Capsuto as Velma proves her vocal chops in the classic “And All That Jazz” with eye catching dance moves with the ensemble of talented dancers."... Matteucci and Capsuto steal the stage when Velma and Mama sing “Class”.



Vince Mediaa

Although everyone in the cast is commendable, Capsuto-Shulman as the oft-married, sexy, flirtatious Tanya is an audience favorite. When the company came out dancing for the curtain call on opening night, the short wrap skirt to her glittery costume fell off, so she blithely picked it up and tossed it into the audience."

- Daily Journal, 

Judy Richter

"The effervescent, beguiling (and flirtatious) Christine Capsuto-Shulman brings her A-game here as the twice-married sexpot Tanya."

- San Francisco Bay Area Theatre Critics Circle and Theatre Bay Area,

Joanne Engelhardt,

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